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The obligation to wear a mask and present a COVID certificate

August 26, 2021

From 26 August, all participants (from the age of 18) must present their COVID certificate for all the activities and events listed below, both indoors and outdoors.

This means that the COVID certificate must be presented for for eating and drinking on site (breakfast, lunch, dinner at the hotel restaurant), sport, training, youth work, hobby activities and education, refresher training and refresher courses; at sports competitions and sports and exercise events; in saunas, spas, water parks, and swimming pools; at public meetings and events, including in theatres and cinemas, at concerts and conferences; in museums and exhibition halls; for entertainment services. All participants must also prove their infection safety when the activity or event takes place at the place where the service is provided, such as when renting a catering establishment or ordering a theatre performance.

The COVID certificate does not need to be presented for outdoor events with an unlimited territory.

The COVID certificate does not need to be presented in shopping centres or shops. It is also not necessary to prove infection safety when buying take-away food from a restaurant or café. However, as indicated above, a mask must be worn in these places or cases.

The COVID certificate indicates whether the person has recovered from the coronavirus, has been vaccinated or is considered equivalent to a vaccinated person, or has a negative coronavirus test. Additional information:
You can create a digital COVID certificate on the Patient Portal (read more: People who need help with creating it can turn to the service points of the Social Insurance Board ( Local governments and libraries also help people to print their digital certificates.
Today, the government adopted a decision in principle; the corresponding order is scheduled for approval on Monday. The Government Communication Unit will make a separate notification thereof and publish the order and its explanatory memorandum on the website

The obligation to wear a mask and present a COVID certificate

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